COVID-19 USCG Reporting and QuestionsIndicator

4/3/2020 - 4 Years Ago

Suspected COVID-19 cases are reportable as a hazardous condition as per 33 CFR 160.216

- Report the suspected case immediately to the nearest CG COTP
- Report any deceased crewmembers, or any sick crewmembers occurring within 15 days prior to arrival in a U.S. port
- Report any crewmembers that have visited any country that is on the list of restricted travel countries.

Questions regarding COVID-19 can be submitted to the Coast Guard using the address below:


Interim Guidance for ships managing suspected Coronavirus Disease 2019


The Interim Guidance page has a wealth of information including:

- Symptoms to be on the alert for
- Reporting to the CDC Quarantine Station
- When and what needs to be reported
- Storage, Use and Disposal of PPE
- Quarantining and managing suspected COVID-19 cases

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