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12/18/2020 - 4 Years Ago

As part of ongoing efforts to enhance maritime domain awareness, we continue to improve handling of essential data contained within Notices of Arrival and Departure (NOAD). On Thursday, 18 February 2021, a new schema (3.7) and workbook (7.7) will be released. This new schema and workbook have several changes to Cargo and CDC, the ability to cancel a notice and several miscellaneous changes. Part of this effort will include retiring the 3.5 schema and 7.5.1 workbook and no longer supporting them. Additionally, the Multiple Arrival Workbook OCS 1.5.1 will be retired and no longer supported.

Please note that while every effort is being made to ensure all information is accurate as of this posting, there exists the possibility for additional changes as needed or at the direction of the program office. Any such changes or additions will be made available as soon as they are provided to or identified by the NOAD team.

Schema Change Details
The following is a list of the specific changes from Schema 3.6 to Schema 3.7:

Elements Modified
//NOTICE/NOTICE_DETAILS/NOTICE_TRANSACTION_TYPE added "Canceled" as an accepted value. Submitting the notice with this NOTICE_TRANSACTION_TYPE will cancel the notice, locking it from future changes.

Elements Removed

Elements Added

Changes to new Workbook (7.7) compared to previous Workbook (7.6.1)
● “New Build / Jones Act Vessel” has been added to the Vessel Details tab.
● “Canceled” has been added to “Transaction Type” dropdown on the Voyage Information tab. Submitting the notice with this Transaction Type will cancel the notice, locking it from future changes.
● Changes to the Cargo and CDC List tab:
○ “General Cargo Declared?” has been removed.
○ “In Ballast” has been added.
○ “Class” has been removed.
○ “Name of Certain Dangerous Cargo” has been removed.
○ “UN Number” has been replaced by “UN Number – Proper Shipping Name”, a required lookup field.
○ “Amount” has been changed to a numeric field.
○ “Amount Unit” has been added, a required lookup field.
○ “Packaged” has been removed.
○ “Residue” has been removed.
● On the Crew List and Non-Crew List tabs, “Residence” has been renamed to “Country of Residence.”

ENOAD Website Change Details
● The ability to cancel a notice has been added.
○ The Previously Submitted Notices list will indicate that a notice has been canceled.
○ “Cancel Notice” has been added to the edit menu. It will only be enabled for previously submitted notices that are not already canceled and whose arrival/departure dates are no more than 30 days in the past.
○ Each page of a notice in eNOAD and the printable version will show this canceled status.
○ Canceled notices can only be viewed, they cannot be edited.
○ Canceled notices cannot be imported. XML imports with NOTICE_TRANSACTION_TYPE = “Canceled” and XLSX imports with Transaction Type = “Canceled” will not be allowed to be imported.
● Added “New Build/Jones Act Vessel” to Vessel Details.
● Added “In Ballast” to Cargo.
● Removed “General Cargo Declared”.
● Grouped “Certain Dangerous Cargo (CDC) on Board” together with the CDC List button.
● Added “UN Number – Proper Shipping Name”, “Amount”, and “Amount Unit” to Certain Dangerous Cargo List and Certain Dangerous Cargo Information. The new fields are required on Certain Dangerous Cargo Information.
● On Certain Dangerous Cargo Information, if the submission was an import of a 3.6 XML or 7.6(.1) Workbook, the following fields will append “(As Submitted)” to the submitted information: “CDC Name”, “UN Number”, and “Amount”.
● On the “Previously Submitted Notices” tab, “Date Submitted” has replaced “Date Provided” and is the default sort.

Validation rule changes include:
● “General Cargo Description” isn’t required, and cannot be entered, when “In Ballast” is checked.
● “Certain Dangerous Cargo (CDC) on Board” and the “CDC List” button will not be enabled when “In Ballast” is checked.
● Notices with Transaction Type = “Canceled” cannot be updated.

Picklist Changes

ENOAD and Workbook
● Everglades, Florida has been removed as a combination for Port/State.
● NINGBO, CHINA has been removed as a combination for Foreign Port/Country.
● ILYICHEVSK, UKRAINE has been removed as a combination for Foreign Port/Country.
● The following have been added as combinations for Foreign Port/Country:
● The Agency “Korean Register of Shipping” has been renamed to “Korean Register”.

Picklist XML Changes
● Port_State_List.xml has the following removal:

State_Name: Florida

● Foreign_Port_List has the following removals:

ISO_Code: CN
Port_Name: NINGBO
UNLocation_Code: NGB

ISO_Code: UA
UNLocation_Code: ILK

● Foreign_Port_List.xml has the following additions:

ISO_Code: BR
UNLocation_Code: ACX

ISO_Code: CA
UNLocation_Code: SAG

ISO_Code: CN
Port_Name: NINGBO PT
UNLocation_Code: NBG

ISO_Code: NO
Port_Name: STURA
UNLocation_Code: STU

ISO_Code: OM
Port_Name: DUQM
UNLocation_Code: DQM

ISO_Code: PH
Port_Name: SARIAYA
UNLocation_Code: SAR

ISO_Code: UA
UNLocation_Code: ILK

● Agency_List.xml has the following change:

Agency “Korean Register of Shipping” has been renamed to “Korean Register”.

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