Retiring of NOAD Workbook 6.0, all other prior USCG NOAD Workbooks, and all use of non-USCG NOAD WorkbooksIndicator

8/8/2013 - 11 Years Ago

Starting August 13, 2013, The United States Coast Guard (USCG) will no longer be excepting Notice of Arrival/Departure (NOAD) Workbook (Ver. 6.0) as well as all other prior USCG NOAD workbooks, and all  non-USCG NOAD workbooks.  Current workbooks may be downloaded from the Downloads section, Misc/Other Formats, of the NVMC website.

Users should begin using NOAD Workbook (Ver. 7.1) or OCS Notice of Arrival (NOA) Workbook (Ver. 1.1) as soon as possible.  It is requested that the worksheets/workbook are completed electronically and then sent via email or imported into the eNOAD Web Application.  Alteration of the official workbook will result in significant delays in processing.  The Workbooks must be kept saved as XLS format documents.

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