Schema 3.3 ReleasedIndicator

11/26/2013 - 11 Years Ago

26 November 2013, The Coast Guard released version 3.3 of the eNOAD schema. Users will need to login and navigate to the Developer's Resources section to download the updated schema, all associated pick-lists, and documents. Support for version 3.2 of the schema will continue; however all previous versions will be retired. Details of the version 3.3 schema update follow:

A. Longshore / CBP Form I-418 Related Data:

- Provides enhanced handling of longshore work indicators for crew listed with the submissions

B. Implementation of increased validation of passenger data:

- In an effort to continue to improve data quality, additional checks related to the presence and validity of identification and embarkation related data have been put into place.  These new data checks will not cause a submission to be rejected, however, warnings detailing which checks found to be in error will be added to email receipts sent in response to the submission.

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