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The following questions have been forwarded to NVMC by members of the international maritime community. For each question, an answer we believe to be accurate is provided. If you have any further questions please use the Contact Us page for further inquiries.

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Notice Tracking

  • Where can I find my Notice ID number and Vessel ID number?
  • The Notice ID number is available within the email receipt that is returned upon a successful submission.  An example of a Notice ID number is EDB947CA-99F6-11E1-B55E-0AD26188709B.

    A Vessel ID number can either be an Official Number or IMO Number that identifies the vessel.  The Vessel ID number used in the tracking service must be the same Vessel ID number that was provided in the submission.  The Official Number is usually a six-digit number.  An IMO Number is  a seven-digit number unique to a specific vessel. The IMO number is the same as a vessel’s Lloyd’s number.

    An example of where to find the Notice ID number and Vessel ID number in the email receipt can be found here.

  • What are the meanings of the four statuses that are displayed when tracking an eNOAD?
  • RECEIVED indicates that your transmission has been received by the USCG NVMC but no review or processing has occurred.

    PRE-VALIDATION indicates that your transmission is in the process of validation and screening for incomplete or inaccurate eNOAD informational items.

    RECEIPT SENT indicates that the screening and validation process has been completed and an email has been sent to the appropriate parties to request additional information (INCOMPLETE NOTICE) or that the information received was deemed sufficient (RECEIPT OF NOTICE).

    FINAL VALIDATION indicates that the USCG at the arrival port is able to process your eNOAD.

  • What is Notice Tracking?
  • Notice Tracking allows the user to check the status of the Notice of Arrival/Departure (NOAD) on line via the NVMC web site utilizing the provided Notice Identification (ID) number and  vessel ID Number.

  • How do I track the status of my NOAD?
  • The NVMC web site (http://www.nvmc.uscg.gov) provides an on-line NOAD Notice Tracking Service accessed via the web site home page. Users of this service will be prompted to create a free account upon initial login after which they can then enter the Notice ID number and Vessel ID number in the indicated fields for the notices they wish to track.

  • What is a Notice ID number?
  • A notice ID number is a globally unique identifier (GUID) assigned to each NOA or NOD submission.

  • Does the Notice Tracker provide crew and passenger counts?
  • Crew and passenger counts are only provided for submissions that are submitted electronically (eNOAD).  A crew and passenger count of the most recent submission received is displayed near the top of the search results provided by the Notice Tracker.

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