United States Coast Guard

33 CFR 146 - Portable Document Format.  33 CFR 146 Notice of Arrival on the Outer Continental Shelf.

33 CFR 160 - Subpart C - Notifications of Arrival, Hazardous Conditions, and Certain Dangerous Cargoes.

164.35 Equipment...All Vessels - Portable Document Format. Requirements for Operational Equipment.

Customs and Border Protection

CBP APIS Final Rule - Electronic Transmission of Passenger and Crew Manifests for Vessels and Aircraft; Final Rule

Misc Regulations

GPO Access Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) titles list - Scroll down to title number "33 Navigation and Navigable Waters" and click on the most recent version (e.g. July 1, 2006).  On the next page, browse the various parts of that title as appropriate.

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