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The following questions have been forwarded to NVMC by members of the international maritime community. For each question, an answer we believe to be accurate is provided. If you have any further questions please use the Contact Us page for further inquiries.

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Cargo Requirements

  • What is required as a general cargo description?
  • Any cargo not considered certain dangerous cargo or considered in ballast.  Certain Dangerous Cargo (CDC) carried onboard is defined in (§Table 160.206(3) (i)).  A vessel arriving in ballast should indicate that as well (e.g. "arriving in ballast").  Otherwise vessels must list the type of cargo onboard (for example:  grain, oil, lumber, steel, scrap metal, etc.).  Simply stating 'general cargo' does not meet the Coast Guard's requirement for this informational field.

  • If my vessel is carrying CDC, and complies with the requirement to electronically submit a cargo manifest to the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (BCBP), do I still need to include the CDC in the Notice of Arrival/Departure (NOAD) to the NVMC?
  • Yes.  For a vessel carrying CDC, the name, UN Number, and the amount of each CDC carried onboard must be submitted to the NVMC.  The unit of measure (metric tons, BBLS, kilograms, etc.) must be clearly stated in the amount provided.

  • If my vessel is carrying CDCs, do I have to submit an NOA every time my vessel moves from one berth to another berth?
  • Moving from one dock to another dock, one berth to another berth, or one anchorage to another anchorage within one port is not considered a transit from a "port or place" to a different "port or place" and therefore, no NOA is required.  If there is uncertainty as to whether the movement is to a different port, contact the cognizant Captain of the Port (COTP) to request clarification.

  • If my vessel is not carrying CDCs, do I have to submit an NOA when transiting between ports or places within a single COTP zone?
  • Vessels not carrying CDCs are not required to submit NOAs when transiting from one port or place to another port or place within a single COTP zone (33 CFR 160.204 (a) (5)(ii).

  • What are the CDC classes?
  • Classes of Hazardous Cargoes described by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code for those products deemed to be CDC. Reference the Dangerous Cargo Manifest (DCM) or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the class designation. If the product does not match the CDC class dropdown list chances are the product is not a CDC or there is a subclass associated with the product and should be indicated as such in the MSDS.

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